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Bob’s Red Mill Granola Review

Apple Cinnamon granola
Apple Blueberry granola
Apple Strawberry granola
Cinnamon Raisin granola
Crunchy Coconut granola
Honey Almond granola
Old Country style muesli


Whole Grain Foods for Every Meal of the Day.

My Findings Of Bob’s Granola: I’m a major fan of granola, and I really like to add granola to my muffins and on top of  my yogurt. Of all the flavors I tried, my favorite granola was the Apple Cinnamon followed by the Apple Strawberry granola. I made some apple crisp and added some Apple Cinnamon granola to the top and my apple crisp tasted much better. It was a nice addition.

Bob’s Red Mills uses only natural ingredients in all of their granola’s and have amazing flavor that will have you going back for seconds...

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Pamela’s Products Review

Chocolate Brownie Mix

Baking & Pancake Mix

Chunky Chocolate Chip Cookies

Ginger Mini Snapz


Cravings Fulfilled. Gluten Free Food For Everyone


My Findings of Pamela’s Chocolate Brownie Mix: What women doesn’t love chocolate and chocolate brownies? As soon as I pulled the brownies out of the oven my whole house smelled like chocolate brownies and I just had to have a bite. Unfortunately, that bite turned into two bites, then three, then.. Ok, okay, I ended up tasting a few “slices” of Chocolate brownie. Two thumbs up for Pamela’s Chocolate Brownie Mix, very tasty!

My Findings of Pamela’s Baking & Pancake Mix: One of my Breakfast favorites is Pancakes. Pancakes always remind me of my childhood, and when I get a chance to make them I do...

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Kopali Organics Review

Kopali Organics Review

Chocolate Espresso Beans
Chocolate Goji Berries
Super Food Mix

Sweet Goodness In Every Bite!

Chocolate Covered Espresso Beans:

My Findings: Yummmmmmy!!! Kopali’s Chocolate Covered Espresso Beans tasted amazing. I have never had Chocolate Espresso Beans, and I was surprised at good they tasted. Kopali’s Chocolate Covered Espresso Beans also give you a nice jolt of energy if you eat enough.

Chocolate Covered Goji Berries:

My Findings: Kopali’s Chocolate Covered Goji Berries tasted nice and sweet. You cannot really taste the Goji berry, but you can sure taste the chocolate. I loved when you bit into the Chocolate Covered Goji Berry you could feel the softness of the berry.

Kopali Organics Super Food Mix

My Findings: Kopali’s Super Food mix has just the right amoun...

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Beanitos Review

Beanitos Chips  Review

Beanitos Restaurant Style White Bean with Sea Salt Chips
Beanitos Nacho Cheese with White Bean Chips

This is the second time that I have  had the opportunity to review Beanitos products.  I’m truly  amazed at the taste and quality of their chips. All of Beanitos chips are gluten free, GMO free, Corn Free, and have no preservatives in them. Read my review below and find out what I have to say about Beanitos new Restaurant Style White Bean with Sea Salt Chips, and Nacho Cheese with White Bean Chips.

For Serious Snackers!

My Findings: WOW!! I’m so excited that I had the chance to review Beanitos Restaurant Style White Bean with Sea Salt Chips, and Nacho Cheese with White Bean Chips...

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Alter Eco Chocolate Bars Review

Alter Eco Chocolate Bars

Dark Velvet Chocolate Bar
Dark Coconut Toffee Chocolate Bar
Dark Quinoa Chocolate Bar
Dark Blackout Chocolate Bar
Dark Cacao Chocolate Bar
Dark Almond Chocolate Bar
Dark Mint Chocolate Bar
Dark Twist Chocolate Bar

Alter Eco is a company that offers wide variety of products, but mostly chocolate products. Alter Eco sent me their line of Dark Chocolate bars to try out. I was so excited to try out their chocolate bars since I have to admit, just like most women, I LOVE chocolate!  All Alter Eco chocolate bars are full of organic ingredients, and are also Fair Trade chocolate. Check out my review below and find out what Alter Eco chocolate bars I liked best!

Nourishing Foodies, Farmer and Field

Alter Eco Chocolate Bars:

My Findings: Each one of Alter Eco chocolate...

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Natures Path Review

Natures Path Love Crunch and Granola Bars Review

Love Crunch “Apple Crumble”
Love Crunch “Dark Chocolate & Red Berries”

Granola Bars “Chococonut”
Granola Bars “Pumpkin-N-Spice”
Granola Bars “Apple Pie Crunch”

I really have to say that I’m very impressed with Nature’s Path, they sent me a variety of wonderful and tasty products to try, and are a very nice company to deal with. All of their products are GMO-free, and are Organic. Nature’s Path also supports the “Non-GMO Project” and that is HUGE for me, as I look for the label all the time as I make purchases. Nature’s Path is also a family run company that believes in providing their customers with good wholesome products that are made from nature. Read on below and find out what I thought of Nature’s Path Love Crunch, and Graola Bars.


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