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Book Review Of “Highland Master” by Amanda Scott

Kate, The Blog Diva’s Book Review Of “Highland Master”

4 Stars Out of 5

Fin of the Battles and Lady Catriona are two unlikely lovers. Fin is a “Cameron” and Catriona is a “Mackintosh.” Both families are rival enemies. When Catriona brings and injured Fin to her grand dad’s castle, she is surprised to learn that Fin is an enemy of the family. Even though she now knows this, she still can’t seem to put Fin out of her mind. Catriona also learns that her brother Ivor and Fin know each other and happen to be very good friends.

Will the Camerons and Mackintoshes come together and unite with war looming on the horizon, or will the war begin closer to home? Fin and Catriona can only hope that their marriage will be accepted by both families and that peace will come between the families.

I r...

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Book Review Of “The Reluctant Vampire” by Lynsay Sands

Kate, The Blog Diva’s Book Review Of “The Reluctant Vampire”

5 Stars Out of 5

Harper Stoyan, lost his first lifemate during her turning into a vampire. Harper never thought he would get over the death of his life mate Jenny, or even have the possibility of meeting another lifemate during his life time. Harper has done nothing but blame himself for Jenny’s death ever since. He has not even allowed himself to look at another female, or so much as smiled in the direction of one since that time. This will all soon change when a Spanish hottie named Drina Argenis, an immortal hunter, arrives at Casey’s Cottage. She is there to help protect a young newly turned vampire named Stephanie from Leonius, a no-fanger rogue vampire, who wants to kidnap her.

Drina Argenis knows that Harper is her ...

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Book Review Of “Wicked Seduction” by Jade Lee

Kate, The Blog Diva’s Review Of “Wicked Seduction”

5 Stars Out of 5
What would you do if your brother sent you away on a ship that is later captured by pirates, and then refuses to pay your ransom to set you free? Kit Frazier had to live seven long years of torture, horrific pain and nightmares at the hands of his captors. He also now lives with extreme guilt for not being able to save a young boy from dying while in captivity. Can Kitt ever heal from the painful memories of his capture? Will he ever be able to forgive his brother Micheal and his wife for not paying his ransom? Find out how Kitt deals with his family and his pain in this masterful read by Jade Lee.

Jade Lee writes a emotional novel that is so powerful that this book will tug at your heart strings...

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Book Review Of “A Countess By Christmas” by Annie Burrows

Kate, The Blog Diva’s Book Review Of “A Countess By Christmas”

4 stars Out of 5

Sebastian Bridgemere has money, gorgeous looks, and the title of an Earl. Once a year Lord Bridgemere throws a Christmas party at his home at Alvanley Hall and invites his close relatives. Its seems that his close relatives only come to Alvanley Hall for one thing, and that is to hound Lord Bridgemere for his money and his status as Lord Bridgemere is considered one of the wealthiest Earls in the Country.

Lord Bridgemere knows that this Christmas will be no different from the others, that is, until a rickety carriage pulls up into his drive way. From the carriage, pops a beautiful young lady with big brown eyes, but before he can say hello, the elderly lady beside her faints as she exits the carriage...

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Book Review Of “A Rose to the Fallen” by April Bostic

Kate, The Blog Diva’s Book Review Of  “A Rose to the Fallen”

5 Stars Out Of 5

OH MY GOD!!! I’m speechless at the moment I think back on this book. This book took my breath away. Do you know when read that one book, and you connect with the characters on a deeper level, that is what I felt when I read April’s book “A Rose to the Fallen”.

This book has it all from Jealously, Love, Heart Ache, Soul Mates, Undying Love, Joy, and so much more. This book never once lacked in stiring emotion. I was drawn right from the beginning into Tristan and Bridget’s undying love for each other. I shed tears of joy and sadness. I laughed and was shocked all at the same time while reading this book. I felt like I was reading a movie script...

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Book Review Of “Real Vampires Hate Their Thighs” by Gerry Bartlett

Kate, The Blog Diva’s Book Review Of  “Real Vampires Hate Their Thighs”

5 stars Out of 5

Real Vampires Hate Their Thighs is a funny, sassy, sexy, and sharp read. The central character Glory will do anything to lose wight, even if it means putting her relationships, or ultimately her life in danger. Glory St. Clair is as hilarious as she is sassy. The interplay between the moxie of a sexy vampire that has to deal with mortal issues, like her weight, is very entertaing! I look forward to reading more of Gerry Bartlett’s books

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