Book Review Of “When Harry Met Molly”

Kate, The Blog Diva’s Review Of “When Harry Met Molly” By Kieran Kramer  (5 Stars Out of 5)

“When Harry Met Molly” is a delightful read that will leave you smiling. I enjoyed this book so much that I wish the book didn’t have to end. My fingers could not turn the pages quick enough through this wonderful book. “When Harry Met Molly” is the debut book in Kieran Kramer’s new series called “The Impossible Bachelors”.

Harry and his friends are part a group called “The Impossible Bachelors”. Once a year the bachelors meet with their mistress and compete and see who’s mistress will be Most Delectable. The bachelor that wins, will secure bachelor status of being single and it will save him another year of having to get married.

Harry’s mistress Fiona decides to run off with Molly’s finance leaving Molly to find her own way home, and Harry without a mistress. Seeing that Molly is stuck at a pub with no way home, Harry proposes and idea to Molly that he will take her home if she decides to pose as Harry’s mistress for one week. She must help him win another year of freedom from being married. Harry and Molly must act like a couple and put their anger aside letting the past be the past. Fireworks are about to ignite with passion for Harry and Molly. Will they be able to keep their feelings for each other at bay, or will they fall in love? Find out what happens by reading this wonderful novel by Kieran Kramer.

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