Book Review Of “Till Dawn With The Devil” by Alexandra Hawkins

Kate, The Blog Diva’s Book Review Of “Till Dawn With The Devil” (3 Stars Out Of 5)

Alexandra Hawkins delivers a fiery love story of Lust, Passion, Murder and Good looking Men. Sophia was once full of life and joy until that one fateful evening with everything changed. She now feels like a burden on everyone and fears no man will want her because of what happen to her in childhood. Things start looking up for Sophia when her selfish brothers agree to let her visit London and attend a Ball. Gabriel the Earl of the Rainecourt family never planned to attend a Ball he sees a beautiful lady across the room and decides to make his appearance. With accusations of murder and a tarnished name Gabriel has no plans to marry or be with a women for life.

Sophia and Gabriel’s lives are about to collide with Love, Passion, Gossip and Heart Ache. Will they find true love and peace? “Till Dawn With The Devil” is a real page turner. I enjoyed this book and loved the romance aspect of this book the best.

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