Book Review Of “The Countess” by Lynsay Sands

Kate, The Blog Diva’s Book Review Of  “The Countess”

Christiana Madison thought the man she married was her prince charming, and that she would spend the rest of her life with him. Instead she married a man who berates her constantly, robbing her of her self confidence. One afternoon, her sisters arrive unexpectedly and start questioning Christina as to why they have not seen her in over a year, letters have gone unanswered. The questioning starts Christina questioning her marriage to Dicky, and why he has never given her the letters from her sisters. She decides to work up the courage to confront her husband about the way he has been treating her. Just as Christina is voicing her opinion on the way Dicky has been treating her, she notices that her husband is not responding to her. This is very unusual for Dicky to not answer Christiana when she is voicing her opinion. Christiana walks around the chair to face Dicky and see’s that he is not moving or breathing. This is when Christiana realizes that her husband is dead, and that she is free from him at last, ..or so she thinks. Things are about to heat up for Christina. She has no idea that the death of her husband will turn everything she thought about the man that she married upside down and that the truth and lies will be exposed.

Lynsay Sands is master writer that draws the reader in from the very first page and will keep the reader captivated through out the whole book. “The Countess” is a sensual delightful read. I enjoyed this book right from the first page. A must read book for all Lynsay Sands readers. Five Cheers for “The Countess”!

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