Book Review Of “Seducing The Duchess”

Kate, The Blog Diva’s Book Review Of “Seducing the Duchess” (5 Stars Out Of 5)

What would you do to try and capture your wife’s heart once again? Would you send her flowers, write her a poem, or what about going as far as kidnapping her in front of society’s upper class? That is exactly what the Duke of Rutherford does. He kidnaps his wife back to win her love. The Duke of Rutherford realizes that his only true love is his wife Charlotte and not his mistresses. He broke her heart by telling her on their first night of their marriage that he only married her to get revenge on her brother. Will Charlotte give Phillip another chance? Will she let herself fall in love with him again or will she leave him for good?

A wonderful debut novel written by Ashley March. “Seducing the Duchess” is a perfect love story of a husband who will do anything to win his wife’s heart back. Passionate love, and long slow kisses will stir all of your romantic desires while you read this novel. This novel has it all, and was written perfectly to capture every women’s heart. A great novel to read with a warm cup of tea curled up in front of the fireplace.


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