Book Review Of “Ræliksen”

Kate, The Blog Diva’s Book Review Of “Ræliksen” (5 Stars Out Of 5)

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Daegan’s life changed when he layed eyes on the beautiful Mara, a King’s daughter. He knew right then at first sight, that he was going to marry her. After hiding for some time and watching Mara from a distance, Daegan decides to make himself visible to her. Introductions take place, but right then therafter they are both spotted by an enemy ship. They now must hide before they are captured. Daegan knows what is important to him, and that is protecting Mara from harms way. In order to keep her safe, he must protect her and evade the enemies that are hunting them.

Before returning Mara to her father, the King, Degan will try seducing her into being his wife. Will he return Mara to her father unharmed, or will Daegan lose the most important person in his life and be sentenced to death for for kidnapping the King’s daughter.

What a beautifully written book. This book is full of so much love and sacrifice. I loved everything about this book. Not once did this book lack with excitement, I couldn’t turn the pages fast enough. I was enthralled with this book and loved learning about Deagan’s life. I loved how Renee captured every detail of Ireland and what it would like live in Ireland back in those days. This is such a magical book that will capture your heart and your attention. A must read for everyone. Fantastic job Renee, I look forward to reading Book two in this wonderful series.

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