Book Review Of “Perfectly Flawed” by Shirley Marks

Kate, The Blog Diva’s Book Review of “Perfectly Flawed” by Shirley Marks

4 Stars Out of 5

Lady Charlotte has all of London’s most eligible bachelors vying for her attention and possibly her hand in marriage. The reason why all of these men are wanting Lady Charlotte’s hand in marriage, is that Lady Charlotte is a gorgeous young lady, well rounded in all aspects of life. Lady Charlotte can sew, sing, and has a heart of gold. Lady Charlotte also has a habit of seeing the good in everyone, even if they are just telling her lies to try and gain her attention.

Lady Muriel is Charlotte’s younger sister. Lady Muriel is helping her older sister find a husband amongst London’s most eligible bachelors. Lady Muriel is not like her sister though, she does not see the good in everyone. Lady Muriel comes up with the idea that Charlotte should make up an ailment that she has, and tell the gentleman who have a chance at her heart about this ailment. This is to test the men to see if they can look past Charlotte’s beauty and accept her for who she is no matter what is wrong with her. Charlotte agrees, and while telling the potential suitors what is wrong with her, Charlotte starts to notice that a lot of these men are not willing to accept her for who she really is. Will Lady Muriel’s test towards Charlotte’s potential suitors cause her sister not to find a husband? Will Charlotte find the right man who will accept her for who she really is?

“Perfectly Flawed” is a romantic story of a young lady who wants a marry a man who can accept her for who she is, and not just for her beauty. This novel shows you that there is more to a person then just their beauty. I’m really happy that I read “Perfectly Flawed” and I look forward to reading more of Shirley Mark’s books.

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