Book Review of Kelly Heckart “Cat’s Curse”

Kate, The Blog Diva’s Book Review Of Kelly Heckart “Cat’s Curse”

5 Stars Out of 5

Kelly Heckart combines fantasy, and historical romance brilliantly in this book. This is a true love story about a women, named Cardea, who has been cursed into a life of misery as a blood drinker. The curse bestowed upon her has caused her to be repulsive to men because of her blood drinking. Cardea is now forced to live in the woods, coming out only during the night to feed. While out hunting for food one faithful night, she comes across a beautiful man who she has never seen before. Cardea will later come to learn that this man is also cursed, and he too lives alone in the woods just as she does.

Shortly, their journey together will begin. Cardea and Aedan will need to put their beliefs, their morals, and everything they’ve been brought up to believe aside to unite together if they are to ever have hope of undoing the curses that plague them. Will Aedan and Cardea find hope within each other and finally break their curses? Will Cardea remain cursed as a blood drinker? Will Aedan remain cursed as a cat? Will they escape their reclusive existence out in the woods? Find out in Cat’s Curse.

Amazing book Kelly. This book drew me in from the first page and held me right to the very end. For readers, this book is full of thrills and excitement that will have you staying up more than a few late nights. I love how the fantasy and historical aspects of this book combined so well together complimenting each other perfectly. A very enjoyable book and I really hope there is a sequel.

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