Book Review of H.P. Mallory “Witchful Thinking”

Kate, The Blog Diva’s Book Review of H.P. Mallory “Witchful Thinking”

4 Stars Out of 5


Jolie has been sent back in time to a place where she first met her lover, Rand. While there, she also meets Mercedes, the Priestess of all “beings of magic.” Jolie has the power to reanimate anyone who has died, and she has just used that power to bring back the Priestess of magical beings. Everyone thinks that Jolie really died that day on the battlefield, but they really have no idea that the Priestess has brought her back to be the Queen of the Underworld, to rule every being that is magical. The last thing that Jolie wants, is to be ruler of the Underworld and have her life turned upside down more than it already has been. Jolie still has her to deal with with her lover Rand, and now her vampire guy friend “let’s just be friends” Singin, who has it really bad for her. Jolie just wants to be good friends with him, nothing more. Her warlock lover Rand does not want her to be Queen and he does not support the Monarchy, never has. Jolie knows that she does not have Rand’s support for becoming Queen, but Mercedes keeps telling her that its her destiny.

Jolie Wilkins will need to put on her big girl panties and suck it up, accept that she is now Queen, and start acting like a Queen. She has no idea what awaits her as ruler of the Underworld. She must re-animate her legion of warriors because there are half human, half vampire Lurkers who are now on a killing spree, killing all Underworld beings. Will Jolie Wilkins be able to stop the Lurkers from killing underworld beings? Will she be able to convince Rand that she will be a different and fair Queen? Will Rand stand by her side, or will she have to accept that they are done once and for all?

Witty and Charming is “Witchful Thinking”. Jolie Wilkins lights up the pages with her witty attitude and will have you cheering her on as she becomes Queen of the Underworld. Readers will love how H.P. Mallory incorporated just the right amount of drama and charm in “Witchful Thinking.”

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