Book Review Of “Cursed” by Cindy Spencer Pape

Kate, The Blog Diva’s Book Review Of “Cursed” by Cindy Spencer Pape

5 Stars Out of 5

Melissa MacRae comes from a long line of witches who have been cursed. You see, Mel is not your ordinary witch, she has inherited the Mac Rae curse. This cures states that Mel and her ancestors will never bare a male child or be married for life. If any of the Mac Rae women marry, their husbands will leave them or accidentally die. Also, if the Mac Rae women should carry a child, they will be carrying a female and not a male. Will this curse cause Mel to never fall in love, and have children? Or will Mel finally find her soul mate and put this curse behind her?

Jonas Perice is a famous horror writer who also goes by the name of J.P. Wolfe. He has also been been cursed as a werewolf, and no one knows it. Jonas’s editor has booked him for three weeks at nice quite resort called Whispering Pines in hopes that Jonas will finally finish work on his most recent novel. Just when Jonas thinks he will be able to finally finish is novel, he becomes distracted by his beautiful landlady named Mel. Will Jonas be able to finish his book, and keep his mind off of Mel? Or will he seduce Mel into his bed and completely forget about his novel? Find out what happens in this wonderful book of Cindy Spencer Pape’s.

Cursed was wonderfully written book. I absolutely enjoyed every page of this book, all the twists and turns in this book were delightful. I also loved how Cindy wrote about how Mel rescued injured animals and nursed them back to health. That really warmed my heart. A fantastic read with a wonderful plot and enjoyable characters. This book will most defiantly be added to my re-read book list. Five cheers for Cindy’s book “Cursed”.

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