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Ginny Bakes Ginny Bars Review!

Peace, love and apple – Ginnybar
Happy chocolate bliss – Ginnybar
Karma, love and apricot – Ginnybar
Love & Nuts – Ginnybar

Karma, love and apricot – Crumble


Nutrition, Health and Happiness- Healthy Baked Good

My Findings: When I had an opportunity to once again review some other Ginny Bakes products, namely their  Ginny Bars and Crumble, I knew I was in for a real treat. As usual, I was expecting the products to be good, but wow, they were insanely gooooood! The Ginny Bars are super soft, moist, and are packed full of flavor. Ginny Bakes Bars are made with high quality ingredients, and partaking in these indulgences will leave you actually feeling good about what you just ate...

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Pure Bars Review


Apple Cinnamon Pure Bar
Cranberry Orange Pure Bar
Cashew Coconut Pure Bar
Banana Coconut Pure Bar
Dark Chocolate Berry Pure Bar
Wild Blueberry Pure Bar
Cherry Cashew Pure Bar

Peanut Butter Chocolate Ancient Grains Bar
Chocolate Chunk Nut Ancient Grains Bar
Triple Berry Nut Ancient Grains Bar

Live Pure, live happy.

My Findings Of Pure and Ancient Grains Bars: Every now and then I like a nice healthy snack for those days when I’m on the run and and need a quick bite to eat. We are so overwhelmed with fast food and junk foods that it’s sometimes hard to find good organic foods. Pure Bars has a line of  Ancient Grain Bars and Pure Bars that are sure to delight you with absolutely amazing flavors and wonderfully healthy ingredients.

I really enjoyed Pure Bars “Apple Cinnamon, Da...

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