Spring Time Flowers

Nothing says Spring like Cherry Blossom’s, Lilac’s, and Magnolia’s. I love this time of year. All the tress are in bloom and the flowers smell amazing. This year we had a very late Spring, and all the flowers did not start blooming until early May. I like to take long walks and stop and look at every flower and smell them, thank god my husband is so patient. LOL!

This a closeup of the Cherry Blossom’s my family’s cherry tree. These flowers smell so amazing and they produce yummy Delicious cherries. This year is going to be a late season for Cherries, but I hear they are going to be very sweet, and plentiful. The wait just might be worth it! 😉


One of my favorite smelling flowers, the Lilac. Nothing says it’s Spring to me like Lilacs, and the purple Lilac is such a pretty color.


Here is a picture of the Magnolia tree. I have never seen a Magnolia tree until now.. Aren’t the colors pretty? I love the light pink and dark pink contrast on white.


I could not help myself, I had to take a picture of the purple blossoms on this tree. I love the way the purple look against the green shrubs and blue sky in the background.


You should see this tree when it’s in full bloom. The blossoms are the color of pink cotton candy and it’s sooo full of blossoms. The honey bees just can not get enough of this tree.






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