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Kimera Koffee
Kimera Koffee- Jujimufu’s Brew
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5stars Kimera Koffee

My Findings on Kimera Koffee: The white bag to the right in the photo is Kimera Koffee’s regular roast coffee. Excellent for anyone who likes a nice smooth bodied coffee in a medium roast. I was very pleased with this coffee and this was my favorite coffee of the two I tried.  My mind was more clear and focused for a lot longer period of time than with a regular cup of coffee. Nice job!

My Findings on Kimera Jujimufu’s Brew:  Fans of dark roast coffee will love Kimera’s Jujimufu Brew. This was my husbands favorite, he LOVED the rich flavor of the coffee. I did not find this dark roast coffee bitter at all unlike some other dark roast coffees I have drank in the past. Great coffee with the added benefits of infused Nootropics.

My Findings on Kimera Kacao Booster Powder: Kimera Kacao Booster Powder is 100% Raw Cacao infused with Ceylon Cinnamon, and L-Glutamine to booster your morning coffee even further. ..I added Kimera Kacao Booster Powder to my smoothies, yogurt and my coffee. The flavor of Chocolate and Cinnamon is just heavenly and it will satisfy every chocolate fanatic (like myself). Kimera Kacao Booster Powder PASSES The Blog Diva’s test of YUMMINESS!

I’m delighted that I was able to review and taste Kimera Koffee’s amazing products and will definitely be ordering more of their coffee’s in the near future. Coffee lovers must try Kimera Koffee’s and experience the Nootropics benefits.

Kimera Koffee’s Are:

Alpha GPC – Natural choline compound found in the brain to improve your memory and enhances mental focus.

Taurine – An organic acid commonly found in eggs that delays cognitive decline due to aging, fights oxidative stress, reduces fatigue, and increases fat metabolization.

L-Theanine – Tea extract that balances daily anxiety, improves sleep pattern.

DMAE – Choline molecule found in fish that boosts mental performance and increases energy.

Nootropic Infused – Used to enhance memory or other cognitive functions.


About Kimera Koffee: Kimera Koffee is packed with premium-grade Nootropics, proven to help you increase focus, power output and cognition. Nootropics are powerful cognitive enhancers that improve some aspect of mental function. The Nootropics in Kimera Koffee are all-natural amino acids typically found in protein-rich foods but not always easy enough to get from diet alone.

Each cup of Kimera Koffee contains 725mg of our proprietary Nootropic blend. We worked very hard over the years to make sure our blend leaves the coffee tasting intact — a delicious bold cup.

How Are Your Products Chosen For Kimera Koffee:Deep within the central mountain range of the Dominican Republic lies Jarabacoa, a region blessed for its micro climates and known for producing very high quality coffee. At an altitude of 5,000ft high, our beans are sourced from a Single-Estate coffee plantation run by the same family for over 40 years. Kimera Koffee beans are wet processed, which aids in premium conservation and ensuring the beans are mold-free. Each year, our farmers continue planting a wide diversity of trees in the plantation, an effort that prevents soil erosion and maintains the perfect pH balance and soil nutrition to enrich the quality of the harvest.

If you are interested in checking out Kimera Koffee Products further, I have included a links below for you.

Kimera Koffee

Disclaimer: Kimera Koffee provided me with free samples of their products to review, I was under no obligation to review them. Nor was I under any obligation to write a positive review or sponsor a product giveaway in return for the free products. The opinions expressed are my own, based on my personal experience with the product.






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