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All-in-One Portable Cat Activity Tower

Portable Cat Activity Tower by One for Pets:

A Four Storey Cat Activity Tower,  OH MY!!!


As many of you know, I just LOVE reviewing pet products for my fur babies. When I discovered that a friend of mine had an Activity Tower for her cats, I couldn’t stop jumping up and down, ..really, I couldn’t! It was sooooo cool! *LOL*  I contacted One for Pets (the makers) about possibly reviewing one of their Cat Activity Towers. One four Pets was very quick to reply to my e-mail, and they had the Fushia colored version of their Four Storey Portable Cat Activity Tower in the mail to me right away! Read on…


Our aim: safe, happy, healthy pets; satisfied pet owners; successful retailers of our products, and a greener planet!


Fushia Four Storey Portable Cat Activity Tower:

When One for Pet’s Cat Activity Tower arrived I was so excited. I quickly opened the cardboard box it came in, and inside I found a really stylish looking carrying case enclosing the Cat Activity Tower. As I unzipped the carrying case, my fur baby, Priscilla, came over to see what mommy got for her.

My Findings:
After just over a week of testing, I have to say that I am just soooo happy with One for Pet’s “Four Storey Portable Cat Activity Tower” that I could almost dance!! The quality of this product is absolutely outstanding, it is very well put together. It was super refreshing to see a product with such LOVE and ATTENTION put into it unlike most of the other cheap junk on the market these days.

The Four Storey Portable Cat Activity Tower was very easy to set up, and the instructions were laid out really well. The activity tower does not take up a lot of room, and it fits well in small places. The entire tower is made out of very high quality fabrics throughout, and it seems to me that it will stand up very well to any scratching your cat might have in mind for it. I was impressed by the softness of the nice plush mats that cover the floor of each level. The entire tower frame is made of strong iron rod, and the rod makes for very strong and durable support bases at each level. The iron rods are all pre-installed when it arrives, so you pretty much just lift the whole thing upwards, and then hang it. Speaking of hanging it, you have two options. The Activity Tower comes with two door hanging brackets for hanging on a door, or you can mount it to the wall with the included wall hanging brackets.

My Cat’s Findings: As soon I as put up the “Fushia Four Storey Portable Cat Activity Tower” my two youngest kitties immediately jumped into it and started to play around. My youngest fur baby, Tili, loves to jump in from the side, off the sofa, and then wind her way up each level right up to the penthouse. She will sleep up there for hours. Her older sister Priscilla loves to sleep lower down in the enclosed second level. She likes the added security of being enclosed I guess. LOL

Cat Tower

I’m so happy that I was given the opportunity to review One for Pet’s Fushia Four Storey Portable Cat Activity Towers.  If you want to get something for your fur babies that they (and you) are really going to really enjoy for years to come, this is it! I guarantee your cats will absolutely love it, it’s a FANTASTIC product!

Here are some of the features of the Portable Cat Activity Tower:

– Easy set up in minutes, hang on a door or mount on the wall
– Spacious compartments, total height is 70″
– Each compartment is 23″ w x 16″ deep
– Strong and sturdy made with heavy-duty nylon canvas mesh and metal frame
– Four Storey Round Activity Tower weighs 15.8lbs
– Five Storey Square Activity Tower weighs 18lbs
– Compartment dividers can be taken out to make bigger area
– Each storey has a removable plush mat for great comfort.








About One for Pets:

At One for Pets, we know you love your pets, and the planet.

So we’re passionate about designing and producing pet accessories that are stylish, high-quality, well crafted, affordably priced, and eco-friendly!

We have everything from beds and airline-friendly carrier bags to food bowls, raincoats, and even bio-degradable waste bags. Our aim: safe, happy, healthy pets; satisfied pet owners; successful retailers of our products, and a greener planet!

I would like thank One For Pets for giving me the opportunity to review their “Four Storey Portable Cat Activity Tower”.

If you are interested in checking out One for Pets “Fushia Four Storey Portable Cat Activity Tower” further, I have included a links below for you.

Four Storey Portable Cat Activity Tower 

One For Pets Website,   One For Pets Facebook Page,    One For Pets Twitter Page


Disclaimer: One For Pets provided me with free sample of their products to review, I was under no obligation to review them. Nor was I under any obligation to write a positive review or sponsor a product giveaway in return for the free products. The opinions expressed are my own, based on my personal experience with the product.

2 comments to All-in-One Portable Cat Activity Tower

  • Nikki  says:

    I bet that’s something that my kitties would enjoy. They like climbing on top of everything, especially the kitten….

    • Kate  says:

      My girl Tili, the one at the top (in the picture) is the climber. She gets on top of everything, and will go right to the top of what ever she can climb on. Needless to say, she REALLY likes the Cat Tower! 😉

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