Epic Flooding in Okanagan, BC!

If you would have asked me a year ago that the Okanagan in British Columbia Canada would be all flooded, I would have laughed at you. Well I can say that the lake is at a record time high, and all of the beaches from Vernon, to Penticton B.C. are all closed and flooded. My husband and I went for a walk this afternoon to check out how high the lake is, and we could not believe how bad it really is. I took some pictures of the damage the water has done at one of our favorite beaches. This is one of the beaches that is still open, but for how much longer we do not know.

The reason for the lake being so high is because we had so much snow this year, and we had a very late Spring. TheĀ Okanagan had a major storm that came through and dropped a record amount of rain fall in 24 hours that caused the lake to rapidly rise. We still have snow up the in the mountains and it’s been very very hot here and all the snow is melting and filling the lake up fast.

It’s really sad because the Okanagan is a major tourist attraction and everyone loves to visit and suntan on our lovely beaches. I am crossing my fingers that I will be able to get in the lake this year and work on my tan, because I bought a new sexy bikini and I have lost over 30 pounds and I want to show off my new figure. *WINK*.

Check out the pictures that I took and you will see how much water we have. I hope that the last eventually stops rising because I am really afraid that we will not have any beaches are beach walkways along the beach left to enjoy.

This is very popular bridge and road everyone uses to get to the beach. Remember I was saying earlier in my post that we had a record rain fall in 24 hours, well the rain and trees that fell damaged the bridge, and they had to close the bridge until further notice.


This picture gives you an idea of how high the water is to the height of the bridge. I was standing the on the bridge and I could feel it vibrating from all the water flowing under it.


You can see some of the debris that has washed up on what is left of the beach. All that yellow in the lake is pollen that has been blowing around. The sand is usually quite far outwards, but its all under water.


I was so shocked to see the walkway along the beach had been eroded away by all the water, you can notice that not even the sandbags had a chance.


Here is a view of what the walkway looks like by the lake. As you can see it’s slowly being eroded away, and at the rate the water is rising I do not know how long they will keep the beach walkway open. There is signs like this all along the beach walkways, and there is also a “Boil Water Alert” all around the city too.


Where you see the rocks in the water was once a rock wall that was very high and you can to climb onto the rocks to get onto the grass. I was shocked that anyone would be swimming in the water, it’s very dirty with sediment and full of trees and tree bark.


This is the local dog beach and it’s under water and closed to the public. The water is so high right now, that it is shocking to see it in person. The pictures really do not show how high the lake really is.


This is what you see when you walk along the beach walkway, you see sink holes from all the water washing the wall away. It you look at the walk out at the top of the picture you can get some what of an idea at how high the lake is.


You can notice all the rocks under the water they are usually dry and the water level is usually low, but as you can see its not and climbing.


The B.C. government has had to call in the military to help sandbag along the beaches. Here is a picture of the barracks and tents all setup to help out with all the flooding.

The water keeps rising, and rising.. I will take more photos soon.

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