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Come Join my new Facebook Page “Blog Diva’s” a page for Women Who Love to blog!


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This Just In From The Department Of Inspiration

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Happy Easter Everyone!

I just wanted to wish everyone a Happy Easter. I hope you all have a wonderful Easter with your loved ones.

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This Just In From The Department Of LOL

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Fur Baby Friday!

These “Fur Baby Friday” pictures are of Priscilla posing for her Easter pictures. I took these pictures of Priscilla posing with different Easter props in her adorable Easter Bunny outfit. Every Easter I dress Priscilla in her Easter Bunny outfit. I think she looks so precious in it.

Priscilla posing in one of her favorite baskets that she just loves to sleep in. This basket just happens to be used for Easter decorations.

This was one of Priscilla’s first ever Easter photos, that I took of her when she was a kitten.

I hope everyone’s fur babies have a wonderful Easter and the Easter Bunny is good to them. From my fur babies to your fur babies, we wish you all a Happy Easter!

I am linking up with the lovely Mrs. Monologues for Fur Baby Friday!


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Kate, The Blog Diva’s Easter Decorations!

I just wanted to share with you all my Easter decorations, that I have up in my house. Its always been a tradition in my family to put up far too many Easter decorations. *LOL* For some reason it seems that every year I always add more and more Easter decorations to the mix. I even have Easter decorations in the windows and outside in front of my house. I truly love to decorate for the holidays and my neighbors always comment on how the house looks.

I found this cute Easter bunny at one of my favorite thrift stores, and I couldn’t resist taking him home and adding him to my Easter collection this year.

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