Epic Flooding in Okanagan, BC!

If you would have asked me a year ago that the Okanagan in British Columbia Canada would be all flooded, I would have laughed at you. Well I can say that the lake is at a record time high, and all of the beaches from Vernon, to Penticton B.C. are all closed and flooded. My husband and I went for a walk this afternoon to check out how high the lake is, and we could not believe how bad it really is. I took some pictures of the damage the water has done at one of our favorite beaches. This is one of the beaches that is still open, but for how much longer we do not know.

The reason for the lake being so high is because we had so much snow this year, and we had a very late Spring...

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Spring Time Flowers

Nothing says Spring like Cherry Blossom’s, Lilac’s, and Magnolia’s. I love this time of year. All the tress are in bloom and the flowers smell amazing. This year we had a very late Spring, and all the flowers did not start blooming until early May. I like to take long walks and stop and look at every flower and smell them, thank god my husband is so patient. LOL!

This a closeup of the Cherry Blossom’s my family’s cherry tree. These flowers smell so amazing and they produce yummy Delicious cherries. This year is going to be a late season for Cherries, but I hear they are going to be very sweet, and plentiful. The wait just might be worth it! ๐Ÿ˜‰

One of my favorite smelling flowers, the Lilac. Nothing says it’s Spring to me like Lilacs, and the purple Lilac is such a pretty color.

Here ...

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Dollar Store Cat Tent Adventures

I was at my local dollar store the other day and came across the most adorable pet tent. Being the AWESOME mom that I am, I decided to buy the pet tent for my fur baby. I knew that she would just LOVE this pet tent because she’s one to get into any box or cubby-hole that she can.

Boy was I WRONG!!!ย  I opened the package, and unfolded the tent, and much to my dismay the darn tent was a “miniature” tent. What in the World were the designers thinking when they created this pet tent? It may be Chinese made, but sheesh, even Chinese cat aren’t that small!! LOL

I should have known better then to buy anything that is pet related at a dollar store. LOL....

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This Just In From The Department Of LOL

You Can’t Buy Happiness, But You Can Buy Cupcakes And That’s Kind Of The Same Thing.

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Hidden Character Pictures

Do you remember reading the books “Where’s Waldo” when you were younger and trying to find Waldo? I just loved those books! I would sit there for hours and hours looking until I found Waldo hiding among some buildings, or within some adventure he was on.

In my school library there was always a waiting list to take out the book, because everyone always wanted to check it out.

I found this really cool website that an artist does similar to the artwork like Where’s Waldo. You have to find a certain character among other images like this “Find the Panda among Snowmen” or “Can you find the cat among the owls”.

I never get tired of looking at fun artwork like this. Enjoy everyone!!

Check out thedudolf’s website at http://thedudolf.blogspot.hu/

Can You Find The Panda?

Can you find the Cat?

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Ginny Bakes Ginny Bars Review!

Peace, love and apple โ€“ Ginnybar
Happy chocolate bliss โ€“ Ginnybar
Karma, love and apricot โ€“ Ginnybar
Love & Nuts โ€“ Ginnybar

Karma, love and apricot โ€“ Crumble


Nutrition, Health and Happiness- Healthy Baked Good

My Findings: When I had an opportunity to once again review some other Ginny Bakes products, namely theirย  Ginny Bars and Crumble, I knew I was in for a real treat. As usual, I was expecting the products to be good, but wow, they were insanely gooooood! The Ginny Bars are super soft, moist, and are packed full of flavor. Ginny Bakes Bars are made with high quality ingredients, and partaking in these indulgences will leave you actually feeling good about what you just ate...

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