Petco Sued For Accidentally Chopping Off Puppy’s Ear And Gluing It Back On!


I wanted to share this with you all. I read the article (below) on today, and I just about fell out of my seat. So as it goes, some lady takes her precious puppy “DoDo” to get groomed at the groomers. The groomer accidentally cuts off the dogs ear, and what happens next is what is so shocking! ..Instead of telling the owner what she had done, she decides to GLUE the dogs ear back on! The groomer then goes on and puts one of those pretty little bows in the dogs hair to cover her handy-work up. The owner of the dog did not notice the injury to the dog right away, but she could sense something was wrong with DoDo. DoDo was acting aggressive towards her mommy and that was not normal. Soon, mommies husband figures it out spotting the evidence on the dog’s ear. Now, I’m not a mommy to a dog, but if this was my dog, and some groomer cut my sweet angel’s ear off, I would have opened two full cans of Italian whoop-ass on the groomer! 1/4 can for messing up my dogs ear, and 1-3/4 cans for trying to cover it up!

Below you can read a snip it of the article below and then you can follow the link to the full article on I’m sure you will fall out of your chair as well when you read the full article.

“(NaturalNews) Petco is being sued by two former customers who claim that groomers at a store in Hawaii mutilated their dogs. In one case, groomers cut off a dog’s ear and attempted to cover it up by gluing the ear back on.

When Gladys Kapuwai brought her dog Dodo home from Petco groomers in Kaneohe (wearing a bow), the dog began acting aggressive for no apparent reason. Kapuwai’s husband investigated and found dried blood all over one of Dodo’s ears. Closer inspection showed that the ear had been cut off and then clumsily reattached.

“I mean, they just covered it up,” said Kapuwai’s attorney, Michael Green. “The bow was to cover the fact that they had severed the ear, cut through the cartilage. The ear was … almost cut off.”


3 comments to Petco Sued For Accidentally Chopping Off Puppy’s Ear And Gluing It Back On!

  • Intricate Knot  says:

    That's terrible! I ask this question every day, what is wrong with people??? I don't know what I would have done, but violence would be involved. I'm Italian, too!! Let's go get them together, CDD!

  • insomnia  says:

    That's just wrong. I'd be so made if they sent my dog home like that and said nothing. I'd be more understanding if they were just honest and up front bcause sometimes accidents happen. And glue? How does one glue an ear on?! I think there's more to reattaching an ear than glue. That's just not good business practice.

  • Natalie.....  says:

    OMG that's horrible! I can't stand it when animals are hurt it really upsets me. I found you on Blogaholic and I'm your newest follower(though you need to get a Linky follower since anyone not on blog-spot or Google can't follow you without it)my name is Natalie and my blog is http://bridgetsdaughter5>

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