Hidden Character Pictures

Do you remember reading the books “Where’s Waldo” when you were younger and trying to find Waldo? I just loved those books! I would sit there for hours and hours looking until I found Waldo hiding among some buildings, or within some adventure he was on.

In my school library there was always a waiting list to take out the book, because everyone always wanted to check it out.

I found this really cool website that an artist does similar to the artwork like Where’s Waldo. You have to find a certain character among other images like this “Find the Panda among Snowmen” or “Can you find the cat among the owls”.

I never get tired of looking at fun artwork like this. Enjoy everyone!!

Check out thedudolf’s website at http://thedudolf.blogspot.hu/

Can You Find The Panda?

Can you find the Cat?

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