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Review: Kopali Chocolates Review

Kopali Chocolates: Organic Dark Chocolate Covered Banana & Organic Dark Chocolate Covered Cacao Nibs Review


What a treat it was to try Kopali Chocolates. I’m a MAJOR chocolate lover, I just love anything that has chocolate on it. I have never tried banana covered with dark chocolate before, but I’m telling you these are to die for. Ladies, if you love chocolate like I do, take a few minutes to read about these “Dark Chocolate Covered Banana” and “Dark Chocolate Covered Cacao Nibs,” by Kopali Chocolates!

Sweet goodness in every bite! Luscious dark chocolates, crafted entirely at the point-of-origin, blended rich, sweet and deep in flavor.

Kopali Chocolate’s “Dark Chocolate Covered Banana”:

My Findings: Kopali’s Dark Chocolate Covered Banana tasted wonderful...

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Pamper Me Organically Review

Pamper Me Organically: Soaps, Bath Melts, Floral Water Skin Tonic, Eye and Face Cream, Aromatherapy Oils, Lip Balm and Skin Nourishing Facial Serum Review.

I was so excited to have the opportunity to review Pamper Me Organically products. Pamper me Organically offers a wide selection of Organic skincare, soaps, aromatherapy oils, soy candles, organic lip balm, bath melts, and wellness oils. When Pamper Me Organically products arrived, I could not believe my eyes, everything came in a nice eco-friendly box and smelled just wonderful. I felt like a princess at a spa with what I was given to review. Stick around, and I’ll tell you all about them!

Organic bath & body products Your body deserves it!


My Findings Of Cypress & Cedar Wood – Call of the Wild Bath Melt: Call of the Wild Bath Melt...

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Review: Simply 7 Snacks Review

Simply 7 Snacks: Flavored Hummus & Lentil Chips Review

So, I confess, ..I’m a huge snack fan. I just love to sit down about an hour or two after dinner and have my evening snack. I have a snack every night without fail, and I found Simply 7 Snacks were the prefect snack to satisfy my after dinner munchies. Simply 7 Snacks come in 6 unique flavors, and are made of Hummus (chick pea), or Lentil, and were absolutely delicious. MMMMMM….. Licking my Lips! ..Continue on and find out which flavor I found to be the best!

Simply 7 Snacks are all natural and have no Artificial Colors or Flavors, No Additives or Preservative, Gluten Free Ingredients witch is a bonus for me and they all so have No Trans Fat, and No Cholesterol...

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Review: Glass Peace- Flower Pendant

Glass Peace: Flower Glass Focal Bead Pendant Review


I had the opportunity to review this beautiful glass flower pendant from a small little company called “Glass Peace.” Glass Peace has one-of-a-kind handmade jewelry, and that’s the kind of jewelry that I like! All of Glass Peace’s pendants are all made out of glass, and they will have all of your friends asking where you got your necklace from. When I received the pendent,  I could not believe how pretty it really was. The quality of the pendant is amazing and each pendant comes packaged in an elegant black gift box and is strung on a black, adjustable slip-knot cord, ready to wear. The cord will last you a long time unlike the rope necklaces where they dissolve after time...

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Review: Minima Organics Review

Minima Organics:  Lullaby Love Review


I had an opportunity review my moma’s love – Lullaby Love Soothing Massage Ointment from Minima Organics. If you are like me and do not like to use products that are toxic to your body, then you will love Minima Organics. Minima Organics is a home based business run by Leslie McCann, who makes all of the wonderful organic products of Minima Organics. Minima Organics products smell wonderful and use only the best ingredients. I also love that Minima Organics puts into their products ONLY what’s needed, and leaves all of the unnecessary preservatives, harsh chemicals, parabens, ..etc out.


Natural, Gentle, Effective Skin Care and Remedies For Everyone.

My Findings Of Minima Organics- Lullaby Love: Lullaby Love smells wonderful and has a wonderful sc...

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Review: Barefoot Sandals

Barefoot Sandals Canada – “Party Time” Barefoot Sandals Review


Ladies, I found this company called “Barefoot Sandals” who sell REALLY SEXY beaded Foot Thong and Anklets called “Barefoot Sandals.” They are the perfect accessory for any barefoot occasion. These beaded Foot Thong and Anklets can really sexy up your feet during the Summer months. Wear them at the beach, around the pool, at back yard BBQ’s, or even beach weddings! Barefoot Sandals will style up any outfit that you own, and they will look amazing along with your sexy Summer sundress. I plan on wearing  to the beach this Summer...

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