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Cat Tower

All-in-One Portable Cat Activity Tower

Portable Cat Activity Tower by One for Pets:

A Four Storey Cat Activity Tower,  OH MY!!!

As many of you know, I just LOVE reviewing pet products for my fur babies. When I discovered that a friend of mine had an Activity Tower for her cats, I couldn’t stop jumping up and down, ..really, I couldn’t! It was sooooo cool! *LOL*  I contacted One for Pets (the makers) about possibly reviewing one of their Cat Activity Towers. One four Pets was very quick to reply to my e-mail, and they had the Fushia colored version of their Four Storey Portable Cat Activity Tower in the mail to me right away! Read on…

Our aim: safe, happy, healthy pets; satisfied pet owners; successful retailers of our products, and a greener planet!

Fushia Four Storey Portable Cat Activity Tower:

When One for Pet’s Ca...

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Neater Feeder Review

The “Neater Feeder” (For Cats) Review

If you have a cat, or cats that just love to make a mess while drinking at the water bowl, you are going to be VERY interested in the Neater Feeder!

One day (after cleaning up yet another mess that my cats made while drinking their water), I got serious about finding a much needed solution. I searched the Internet frantically for anything that would solve the problem of water getting splashed all over the place when my cats had a drink. I looked for mats, different bowl designs, and just about everything in between. The water that my cats slashed all over was causing the wooden rack that I had the food bowls on, to be utterly destroyed.  I needed a solution, and  fast!

My search ended when I came across the “Neater Feeder...

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