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Adordable Whoo-Ville Tree

One of the girls at work surprised me with this cute Whoo-Ville tree for Christmas. A local flower shop makes these Whoo-Ville trees every year for the holidays. Being a fan of The Grinch that Stole Christmas, this little tree brought me so much joy and happiness! – Thanks Sam! =)

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Wreaths of Maine Review

Traditional Christmas Wreath


The provision of locally made, truly high quality balsam fir wreaths.

My Review: Just in time for the holidays, I received the most beautiful Christmas wreath from Wreaths of Maine for review. I have always wanted a “real” wreath on my front door, but every time I see one, they are never full enough or in good shape. When my wreath arrived from Wreaths of Maine, they had it packaged in a nice box with tissue paper, and the ribbon was placed nicely in the middle of the wreath so it would not wrinkle. As I got a full look at the wreath, my jaw hung open. It was absolutely gorgeous! This wreath was so full, and smelled just like “Christmas” to me. I just love the smell of Balsam fir, it always puts me in the holiday mood...

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Happy Halloween!

Have A Spooktacular Halloween Everyone!

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Happy Thanksgiving Everyone!

best-thanksgiving-wishes-to-employees-3Happy Thanksgiving!!!

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Happy Easter!!

Happy Easter Everyone!!

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Happy St. Patrick’s Day!

Happy St. Patrick’s Day Everyone!!

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