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Twenty Four year old Charlotte Hothman, from Manchester England is obsessed with Barbie. She has gone as far as spending £10,000 to look just like the plastic doll. Charlotte has had a nose job, collagen in her lips, and dyed her hair blonde to turn herself into a human version of Barbie.

‘Boys don’t like it that I love Barbie so much. But I don’t mind. ‘If the right man comes along, he’ll love me and my Barbies.’

The promotions girl, from Manchester, told The Sun: ‘I told the clinic I would love to look like Barbie. ‘It was really painful. My face was bruised afterwards and it took weeks for the swelling to go down. ‘But when I took the bandages off it was well worth it. Then I dyed my hair blonde. ‘It’s completely changed by appearance and I think it looks pretty good. ‘Some people think it’s a little weird, but I think it’s great.’


..story continued here

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One Response to “I’m a Barbie Girl!”

  • i love Barbies! They are my mannequin in my creative designs.. I also love to dress-up with my character, but not to the point that i need to change my God-given appearance.. its too expensive, hehe..

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