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There’s nothing like a little bit of sunshine to cure the winter blues!
Photo by Heather Stillufsen

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Cat Tower

All-in-One Portable Cat Activity Tower

Portable Cat Activity Tower by One for Pets:

A Four Storey Cat Activity Tower,  OH MY!!!

As many of you know, I just LOVE reviewing pet products for my fur babies. When I discovered that a friend of mine had an Activity Tower for her cats, I couldn’t stop jumping up and down, ..really, I couldn’t! It was sooooo cool! *LOL*  I contacted One for Pets (the makers) about possibly reviewing one of their Cat Activity Towers. One four Pets was very quick to reply to my e-mail, and they had the Fushia colored version of their Four Storey Portable Cat Activity Tower in the mail to me right away! Read on…

Our aim: safe, happy, healthy pets; satisfied pet owners; successful retailers of our products, and a greener planet!

Fushia Four Storey Portable Cat Activity Tower:

When One for Pet’s Ca...

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Studio Jellyfish Hand Painted Cat High Heels.

I think I have died and gone to heaven! I absolutely love these awesome hand painted cat high heels. As good as they look though, the price tag is pretty steep. Please sit down before I reveal the price to you, as I just about fell out of my chair upon further inspection. I know they are hand crafted and all, but these babies will set you back $429.00!! Yes, you read that right, $429.00 US dollars. Maybe if I win the lottery I can buy myself a pair of these high heels, and strut around in them. Until then I’ll just have to just waiting… LOL..

Studio Jellyfish just adopted a new kitten! She is a black cat with bright green eyes and is always snuggling up next to our feet! She loves to be around people and her bright pink nose can be seen from across the room! She is a born shoe lover jus...

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Foods You Should NEVER Eat – Avoid These At All Costs!

(Picture From Flickr: infilmity)

I recently came across an article that listed some of the worst foods you should never eat, and it got me thinking that maybe I should do a post about this on my blog.  I have the list of  foods that you should NEVER eat below.

These are my own opinions that I formed by reading a lot of studies for myself.

1) Microwave Popcorn: Never eat this stuff people no matter how temping it is. The health effects that microwave popcorn is causing is out of this world. Did you know that the lining of the bag contains a chemical called “perfluorooctanoic acid (PFOA)” that is very deadly and can cause Cancer and other damaging health effects...

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Beanfields Bean & Rice Chips Reviews

Beanfields Bean & Rice Chips

My Findings on “Nacho Bean and Rice Chips”:  Nacho Nacho man!! Whoot Whoot.. I cold not stop eating these bad boys! Hubby and I eye were arm wrestling for the bag, that is how GOOD these Nacho Bean and Rice chips are. I have always had a soft spot for anything that is nacho flavored and nacho chips are my weakness. Looks like it will me extra cardio tomorrow with my workout with all of chips I ate.. hehehe oh well it was so worth it.

My Findings on “White Bean with Sea Salt Chips”: Every now and then I enjoy a good ol chip that is just flavored with sea salt and nothing else. White Bean with Sea Salt Chips go really well with your favorite salsa or guacamole. 

My Findings on “Jalapeño Nacho Bean and Rice Chips”: Oh My if you like anything that is hot an...

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Sound Oasis S-5000 Sound Therapy System & Illumy Smart Sleep Mask Review

S-5000 Sound Therapy System & Illumy Smart Sleep Mask

Previously, in 2014 I reviewed the S-5000 Sound Oasis Deluxe Sleep Sound Therapy System by Sound Oasis and was EXTREMELY happy with it. Jump forward a few years, and much to my delight, Sound Oasis had new product offerings for those “sleep challenged” individuals like me. Sound Oasis has a brand new sound therapy system called the BST-100 Bluetooth Sleep Sound Therapy System, and also, a super cool sleep mask, called the Illumy – The Smart Sleep Mask. Wow was I excited to give these products a try, and here’s what I found..

My Findings on “Illumy – The Smart Sleep Mask”: I am one of those people who can’t have any light what so ever in the room where I sleep, it really bothers me. I get restless, and I just can not sleep...

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