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Witchful Thinking: A Jolie Wilkins Novel
Witchful Thinking: A Jolie Wilkins Novel
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Ancient Minerals Magnesium Chloride Flakes, and Nascent Iodine Review

Magnesium Chloride Flakes
Nascent Iodine

In the past I have reviewed some really great products from Ancient Minerals and have been extremely pleased with them. Ancient Minerals sent me their Ancient Minerals Magnesium Bath flakes and their Nascent Iodine to try. Both of these products far exceed my expectations and are well worth purchasing. All of Ancient Minerals are natural and have no added chemicals in them what …

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Happy Easter Everyone!!



My fantasy is having two men at once… One cooking, and one cleaning.



Kate, The Blog Diva’s Book Review of “Perfectly Flawed” by Shirley Marks

4 Stars Out of 5

Lady Charlotte has all of London’s most eligible bachelors vying for her attention and possibly her hand in marriage. The reason why all of these men are wanting Lady Charlotte’s hand in marriage, is that Lady Charlotte is a gorgeous young lady, well rounded in all aspects of life. Lady Charlotte can sew, sing, and has a …

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Alter Eco Chocolate Bars

Dark Velvet Chocolate Bar
Dark Coconut Toffee Chocolate Bar
Dark Quinoa Chocolate Bar
Dark Blackout Chocolate Bar
Dark Cacao Chocolate Bar
Dark Almond Chocolate Bar
Dark Mint Chocolate Bar
Dark Twist Chocolate Bar

Alter Eco is a company that offers wide variety of products, but mostly chocolate products. Alter Eco sent me their line of Dark Chocolate bars to try out. I was so excited to try …

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Priscilla loves wearing her pretty spring dress and loves to show it off to all of her wonderful fans.



Happy St. Patrick’s Day Everyone!!



Burt’s Bees Lip Products Review

Lip Gloss (Autumn Haze)
Tinted Lip Balm (Petunia)
Lip Shine (Blush)

I have reviewed products from Burt’s Bee’s before and I have been very happy with them. Burt’s Bees sent me several of their wonderful lips glosses to try out. Burt’s Bees lip glosses are all natural and are free of parabens, sulfates, phthalates and petrochemicals. Read my review below and find out what I thought of these lip glosses.

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Happy 8th Birthday Priscilla!!!

Happy 8th Birthday to my little Einstein fur baby! Priscilla you are my video game and snuggle buddy. I love all the nose kisses, and meow talks you always give Mommy and Daddy. Happy B-day sweetie, you light up our lives in so many ways!



Kate, The Blog Diva’s Book Review Of Kelly Heckart “Cat’s Curse”

5 Stars Out of 5

Kelly Heckart combines fantasy, and historical romance brilliantly in this book. This is a true love story about a women, named Cardea, who has been cursed into a life of misery as a blood drinker. The curse bestowed upon her has caused her to be repulsive to men because of her blood drinking. Cardea is now forced to live in the …

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